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    2011میررحیمی و آنتالیا ترکیه

    2011میررحیمی و آنتالیا ترکیه

    مسابقات مرحله دوم مسابقات قهرمانی جهان تیراندازی با کمان در آنتالیا ترکیه برگزار میشود .تیم تیراندازی با کمان جمهوری اسلامی ایران به همراه مجید میر رحیمی بنیان گذار
    خدمات ورزشی تیرانا و با سابقه ترین کماندار ایران به عنوان ورزشکار به همراه تیم ایران به ایم مسابقات اعزام شدند

    مجید میررحیمی قبلا توانسته بود در این شهر به مقام هشتم جهان دست پیدا کند و امیدواریم بتواند باز هم خاطرات خوب خودش را در شهر آنتالیا ترکیه تکرار کند. 

    مربیگری تیم کشورمان را مجید احمدی  قهرمان عزیز کشورمان به عهده دارند. ترکیب تیم تیراندازانی با کمان کشورمان بسیار ترکیب خوبی می باشد و امیدواریم که بتوانند به نتایج خوبی دست پیدا نمایند


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    Antalya classic as Archery World Cup Stage 2
    Lausanne (SUI) – 3 June 2011
    Hosting its 24th edition of an international tournament, Antalya is a true grand slam of archery. With one month to go to the world championships in Turin, the competition next week is set to reach sky high level!
    With 367 athletes and 133 officials registered from 52 countries, the Stage 2 of the Archery World Cup 2011 in Antalya will not only be one of the largest ever but also one with the most talent on the field. With only one month to go to the World Archery Championships Turin 2011, the main Olympic qualifier for London, the athletes need to see where they stand against the toughest competition. The athletes will also have the honour to compete in front of the highest sports dignitary as the International Olympic Committee President Jacques ROGGE and several other IOC Members will attend Antalya’s finals on 11-12 June.
    The fact that the Olympic Games are just a little more than one year away is also a factor of motivation, either for young talents or athletes trying to make a come-back at the highest level. Here below, we will list per category these who are already true favourites for Antalya, Turin and London and these who still may have a chance to emerge at the very top in these upcoming events.
    Recurve Men
    The favourites: Brady ELLISON (USA) photo, IM Dong-Hyun (KOR), KIM Woojing (KOR), Viktor RUBAN (UKR), Jayanta TALUKDAR (IND).
    The ones to watch: Romain GIROUILLE and Gael PREVOST (FRA), Laurence GODFREY and Simon TERRY (GBR), OH Jin-Hyek (KOR), XING Yu (CHN), Rahul BANERJEE (IND), Takaharu FURUKAWA (JPN), Marco GALIAZZO (ITA), Magnus PETERSSON (SWE), Dmytro HRACHOV (UKR), Bair BADENOV (RUS), CHENG Chu Sian (MAS), Crispin DUENAS (CAN), Jake KAMINSKI (USA), Rick VAN DEN OEVER (NED), Maxim KUNDA and Anton KAROUKIN (BLR). 
    Recurve Women
    The favourites: KI Bo Bae (KOR), HAN Gyeonghee (KOR), Natalia VALEEVA (ITA), Natalya ERDYNIYEVA (RUS), Victoriya KOVAL (UKR) photo.
    The ones to watch: JUNG Dasomi (KOR), Deepika KUMARI and Seema VERMA (IND), Justyna MOSPINEK and Karina LIPIARSKA (POL), Berengere SCHUH (FRA), CHENG Ming and ZHU Shanshan (CHN), Sabrina STRUYFF (BEL), Alena KUZNIATZOVA (BLR), Carina CHRISTIANSEN (DEN), Karina WINTER (GER), Pia Carmen LIONETTI (ITA), Natalia SANCHEZ (COL), Gema BUITRON (ESP), Alison WILLIAMSON and Naomi FOLKARD (GBR), Kristine ESEBUA (GEO), Marian AVITIA (MEX), Anna BOMBOEVA (RUS), Lidia SICHENIKOVA (UKR), the sisters Ren and Naomi HAYAKAWA (JPN), Natalia NASARIDZE (TUR).
    Compound Men
    The favourites: Sergio PAGNI (ITA), Reo WILDE (USA), Braden GELLENTHIEN (USA), Martin DAMSBO (DEN), Jorge JIMENEZ (ESA).
    The ones to watch: Rodger WILLET JR (USA), Peter ELZINGA and Mike SCHLOESSER (NED), Morgan LUNDIN (SWE), Roberto HERNANDEZ (ESA), Paul TITSCHER (GER), Shaun TEASDALE (NZL), Dietmar TRILLUS (CAN), Dominique GENET (FRA), Chris WHITE (GBR), Seppie CILLIERS (RSA), Dejan SITAR (SLO), Vladas SIGAUSKAS (LTU).
    Compound Women
    The favourites: Erika ANSCHUTZ photo and Jamie VAN NATTA (USA), Albina LOGINOVA and Viktoria BALZHANOVA (RUS), Laura LONGO (ITA).
    The ones to watch: Ivana BUDEN (CRO), Gladys WILLEMS (BEL), Linda OCHOA (MEX), Ashley WALLACE (CAN), Diane WATSON and Christie COLIN (USA), Pascale LEBECQUE and Joanna CHESSE (FRA), Anne LANTEE (FIN), Camilla SOEMOD (DEN), Eugenia SALVI and Marcella TONIOLI (ITA), Jorina COETZEE (RSA), Ulrika SJOWALL (SWE), Olga BOSCH and Luzmary GUEDEZ (VEN).
    Competition Format
    During the 2011 World Cup, individual recurve archers will shoot a FITA Round (or a 70-meter Round in Ogden and Shanghai) in qualifications and then matches of 5 sets of 3 arrows at 70 metres (Olympic Round).
    Individual compound archers will shoot the new 50-meter Round in qualifications and then matches of 5 ends of 3 arrows with cumulative scoring at 50 metres (Compound Round).
    Teams and Mixed Teams will shoot respectively 4 ends of 6 and 4 arrows with cumulative scoring. Recurve teams will keep playing at 70 metres and Compound ones at 50 metres.
    The Longines Prize for Precision will be awarded this year to the two compound athletes (one man, one woman) who shoot the most 10s during the World Cup (except during the first two rounds of matches). Rodger WILLET JR and Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA) are currenlty leading the ranking.